Followed a Tutorial by Paint Academy and quite pleased with result. Oil pastel mountain landscape.

Followed a Tutorial by Paint Academy and quite pleased with result. Oil pastel mountain landscape.

Oil pastel - we don't see many of those - it's an interesting medium, too. I like this, especially considering how short a time you've been painting. I hadn't heard of Paint Academy before; I'll investigate. Daytime sleepiness - there's an article about one form of this on the Guardian online today; don't know if it's your form or a different one, but it's obviously a huge problem for a professional driver and best of luck with your medical investigations.

Very nice Oil pastel Anne, I have not tried these personally but they look very good. Best of luck with your medical investigations and hope they sort it for you.

I like this painting, and am always interested to see oil pastel work as you don't see it often. I hope they can sort out your health problems before too long.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I thought I had updated my bio but can't have done. I was finally paid off due to illness and so now wondering what type of job I can do now. Investigations uncovered Fibromyalgia which apparently makes you feel very sleepy and fatigued, and another couple of problems including Sleep Apnoea (which is now under control). I am so glad that I began to draw and paint as I enjoy the process very much. Thank you once again.

Oh, Robert, I meant to say that Paint Academy can be found on Youtube.

Are these Derwent Art Bars Anne? I have some but haven't really given them a good go yet. Will have a look at You Tube. Hope you feel better soon. Lovely painting.

Hello Adele. They are Sennelier oil pastels and are lovely to use. I think they go down quite quickly but that is probably my fault as tending to lay it on too thickly. Thankfully you can buy Sennelier single pastels when one does run out. I will have to try and figure out the proper techniques.

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