"Two Pears' and a Kiwi fruit"


Still painting this Still-life as it's a work in progress but will add more upon the rim of the bowl and probably later the interior with grey and white highlights ...so far am happy to return to painting still-life today! You know this dabbing technique really helps one to form shapes and the tip of the bristles kind of centre the observation,, much slower although helps to ground the intention as observed in the momentum. I am happy with the hand pose and kind of took away some hesitation.....

Looks good, Angela - look forward to seeing the completed painting.

Why thank you for your comments David, shall add some more detail hopefully soon!

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Returned to 'Still-life' painting today. Burnt umber, Cadmium yellow, white and cadmium red. I held the bowl with my left hand and painted the skin tones adding a hint of ultramarine to see if a flesh tones would mix with yellow cadmium and cadmium red with white....once a started to dab in the blend it started to form ...this is a new technique in a loose dabbing effect and adding highlights at the end of the session. Enjoying this slow dabbing technique as it actually produces a better realistic effect.

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