"Three of a kind"


Interesting to read what you did - good one Angela

Turned out well Angela, I like your drawing.

Many thanks Heather and Carole, You know it was rather funny, I was gazing at the coloured peel and thought, "how on earth do I transist from robust colour to charcoals?"So I blended the form in sienna then when I cross-hatched in dark brown and black it was like scraping back the actual peel! The skin started to be revealed with layering so amazing how this occurred as I was beginning to to change the entire drawing into a black and white charcoal feature. Something made me persist and even the bobbly effect on the skin became like tiny pinprick and shallow dips, now I am happy because its like sprinkling icing sugar on a cake only charcoal!

A very successful trial. Well done.

Good sketch Angela.

Thank you Kwok and Jim, I have only begun recently using coloured charcoal and am exploring ways to draw still-life subjects so layering and rubbing back this medium is just an experiment at present. I think its about 20 years since I picked up a piece of charcoal and that was at Art College where we were introduced to figure drawing. I do like drawing still-life objects so may attempt another one while in the phase! Thankyou all for your feedback as this medium kind of grows with you each time around!

Hang on Studio Wall

The focus was drawing an outline of these three fruit objects and determining whether I could blend in the tones. Highlighted with white pastel , then smudged the sienna over the black to see if the grains lifted. Took quite a while to develop a robust form. the light source changed during the process, so left it to rest. The control of blending needs to definitely start with cross-hatching and blend as it lifts the charcoal grains with each attempt, highlights happen when the light reflects!

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