Cah, Cah Caah'..... 'The Rooks from Wythop Mill"


Your text and art go well together, I love that title, all three together makes this an interesting view. I hope you'll be including artwork in your compilation,

Posted by C Jones on Wed 06 Jan 06:21:19

Thank you C Jones, I did compile a diary edition ages ago while writing the chapters and did some watercolour small thumb print pictures, scaled down from the original drawings. Of course we do get busy with family events so sometimes I need to pick up from where I left off! Strange, how we traveled to the other side of the World and then we discover our Ancestry in The Lake district,,, it has been a fascinating discovery and actually visiting these parts is full of wonder! Those Herdwick sheep are incredibly part of the landscape and so too are the Rooks!

I love your Rooks Angela! They look very knowing.

Many thanks Fiona, These Rooks became the narrators in the series of chronicle-like essays I wrote for the book "The Rooks at Wythop Mill", and when we visited The Lake district in 2014 it was so gratifying to visit that place, where our great grandfather grew up. I am still working at compiling the book and did research a Rookery where our Ancestors lived in the 1800's and whether or not these Rooks flew into my dreams they did make a narrative impression!

I really enjoy looking at this style of drawing- reminds me old school illustrations

Thank you Tomasz for your comments on these Rooks. Yes, from childhood memories emerges a drawing sometimes!

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These Rooks were drawn for an illustration as they nested in a Rookery near Wythop Mill where we discovered our Ancestry in The Lake district. At the time I was writing a short set of chronicle essays which I may later compile into a historical book.

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