Easter Tomb of Hope

Easter Tomb Apr 19 nfs

Excellent painting Andy with great light. It’s a very strange Easter Sunday not being able to go to church. I’m not keen on the online services but better than nothing I guess.

Thank you Tessa, and I agree re the strangeness of Easter without meeting together; I've had some lovely feedback from my congregation on my service this morning; peace and love, and Happy Easter!; God bless, Andy x

Oh my goodness Andy, a very beautiful, but peaceful and atmospheric painting. I can imagine Jesus stepping out of the binding and leaving the tomb. And it fully compliments your beautiful service today. Thank you🙏❤️

Thank you Jacqui, that's really lovely feedback on both!; peace and love, and Happy Easter!; God bless, Andy 🙂x

Thanks for sharing that picture of hope.

Thank you Stephen; don't we all need that now! peace and love, and Happy Easter!; God bless, Andy 🙂

Thank you Linda; peace and love, and Happy Easter!; God bless, Andy 🙂xx

Powerful painting, Andy, and a great message of hope in these difficult days of fear and uncertainty... interesting about Jesus' clothes - I hadn't realised that...

Thank you Ian for some great feedback, and no not many did, and I only picked up a few years ago and I've been ordained 29 years; peace and love, and Happy Easter!; God bless, Andy 🙂 Posted by Jan Rossington

Thank you for very detailed feedback that you have given on this painting; strangely enough I was going through my own grieving process as I received these as I feared I had lost the original, but then found it again (does art ever go with good organisation?) last week! almost a parable of resurrection in itself! Love and God bless, Andy x

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I painted the Easter tomb as in every painting I had ever seen of this, Jesus' grave-clothes are discarded in a heap, but in the fact the original word used to describe their state is 'Twirled', i.e. they had just collapsed from where they had been around the body, flat. Its meant to be a painting of real hope after the hell of Good Friday, a promise for all, not least now in this pandemic! God bless, Andy

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