Really lovely!the sky is amazing!

“And the horses played in the field, We searched the whole dawn. What are they doing? Whose share do they have Are they driving around the field? Is it not mine? Quiet in the field. The horses are tired ... Quiet in the field - Call, dont call. In a sleepy lake, as in an icon - Red salary of dawn " Anyone who is familiar with the work of Vasily Makarovich Shukshin knows the love for his home, which he wrote about in his stories. About the longing and dust of city life, and about the life of the countryside, free and native. And this verse is an epigraph to the writers story of the same name "And the horses played in the field." This theme of excommunication from ones roots is especially evident here. And it always ends with thoughts, what if ... For some reason, this story was especially fond of me, and in my thoughts I always continued it with the fact that the main character will someday return to his home. When I was writing a sketch for this picture (at that time I did not even have it in my mind), for some reason I saw that scene of the return, for some reason this view from a hillock in the village of Kamenka left the images described by Shukshin. and grew into something more.

Lesley Clarke, thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous painting

Excellent painting

This is stunning , I like the big tree in particular.

Beautiful painting, love the foreground detail and the sky.

Superb - the sky, the composition and the way you've painted the foreground in particular are all wonderful.

Amazing painting especially the sky

Real nature away from urban noise and ugliness !

Well...this is just superb Andrey!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded about my work. I put a lot of energy and soul into this picture. It is very pleasant to see connoisseurs of Russian painting abroad. Thank you!

Beautiful work Andrey!

Beautiful painting and story.


Absolutely superb

John, Guy, Emma, Fen, Richard thank you!!!

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Painting based on the motive of the etude Kamenka Autumn.

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