Sparkly Sea


I love the sunlight on the water.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful, a summer that lasts forever.....I’m looking out of the window at rain....again! But this has cheered me up no end Andrea, love the sparkle of sunlight on the water and the feeling of warmth radiating from the painting.

Love the shimmering water Andrea and the figures, who seem to be really enjoying the moment.

The general composition and the treatment of the sea work very well, especially the sparkle.

Thank you Diane, one of those magical times when the light was too lovely to ignore :-)

Thank you for your truly lovely comments about my painting Fiona, yes it’s raining here too today. No chance of a paddle, though there’s always the chance of icecream later! :-)

Thank you Carole :-) very kind of you, and a better day than today, that’s for sure!

Lovely light on the water, great figures and a wet dog too!

Thank you so much William, it’s been a while since I painted in this format, but I thought it would work well for this scene. Glad you like the sea, it took a bit of jigging to get the tones and colours right, but I think I got there in the end!

Love the contrast Andrea, looks like a nice hot evening.

A heartwarming scene, beautifully captured against the backdrop of a sparkling sea. A beautifully atmospheric piece that tells a story. So very well done, Andrea!

Charming painting Andrea, the water is beautifully sparkly and the long format really suits.

Thank you for your lovely comment Katy :- ) I must admit to being a bit envious of that dog - it does look like a rather care-free existence!

Thank you Noel :-) Sometimes these are the best times, arriving just as the day tippers are going home and having the place almost to yourself for an hour or so. It’s usually a very rare occurrence though!

Thank you for your fantastic comment Seok, so kind of you! Very much appreciated too :- )

Thank you Anjana, yes, I do like this format... I’ve used it before, but not for a while now .... I may have to use it again. A lot sooner this time! :- )

This is so good Andrea, the light is amazing

Love the sparkles on the water and the figures in the centre. Takes me back to summers with my young children.

I feel it Andrea. That warm glow as the sun goes down, the shimmering sea and a deep lungful of sea air. I feel fish & chips coming on thanks for the break in Poole Harbour.

I love the format too. This painting is happiness on canvas!

Very atmospheric, love the figures, and wandering round the painting.

Thank you Heather, that’s very kind of you :- )

Thank you Christine :-) yes, those are magical times indeed - enjoying a day at the sea with small children.

Thank you so much Brian :- ) ... glad you enjoyed your trip. There IS actually a fish and chip takeway not too far from this spot! It is a bit of a jaunt, but it’s a lovely evening for a walk ... and the exercise means that that bag of fish and chips has been really earned! :-)

Thank you so much Diana. Such a lovely comment and much appreciated :- )

Thank you Shirley, there’s usually lovely warm shallow water on this side of the harbour in the Summer. Just right for a paddle and that wander around :-)

Certainly catches the eye and takes you into the scene. The subtle colouring enhances the whole. Like it

Thank you so much Mike, it’s been lovely to paint in less saturated colours - I’m really enjoying this coastal series.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on board. 6 x 12 inches. Finished yesterday It’s another Poole Harbour painting, with Brownsea Island in the background. It reminds me of one of those perfect Summer days I enjoyed as a child, when the sun was warm on your face, your feet were permanently sandy, and it felt like Summer would last forever.

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