The Watering Hole


This is lovely, Linda - tricky getting all those stripes right on their faces!

Fabulous Linda and as excellent as ever.

Wow, superb painting is all I can say Linda, there is so much great work in this it’s hard to pick out any single bit.

Very well done Linda, this would have sent me cross-eyed, brilliant.

Another wow! That’s an amazing painting Linda.

Wow Linda, how an earth did you accomplish all those stripes. What a Herculean task.

Superb piece of work. Definitely eye catching.

Many thanks everyone for such generous comments, I really spent time on this over four days so I didn't get cross eyed 😂 😂😂

I can only add to the comments - How did you get those stripes correct. Excellent !

Much knowledge to achieve such assured results Linda superb

Some stripes, are probably a lot different to the reference photo Richard, 😂 but thank you for comments

Thank you Dennis but it was a beautiful reference photo that I couldn't resist having a go at and I hope I've done it justice!!

Blimey how’s the eye sight Linda?! This is a terrific piece of work, well done for your patience and skill.

Lots of tricky stripes! I always have trouble not to get lost in stuff like that!

Brilliant trio of Zebras, Linda. The camouflage is excellent, as are the subtle reflections. An eye-catcher, for sure. Bri

Stunning creatures and a stunning painting.

Many thanks Fiona, the eye sights a little strained at the moment 😰 And thank you Jolanta, Brian and Lew for such lovely comments, as always much appreciated 😃

Absolutely gorgeous painting

Just lovely! The stripes dance !

Thank you for your lovely comments Romila and Rachel, much appreciated 😃

Thank you John for a lovely comment 😀

Lovely piece of work Linda.

Hang on Studio Wall

Three Zebra's drinking from a watering hole, reference photo from Unsplash by courtesy of Vincent van Zalinge. Painted using Inkbrush pens on 250grm mixed media paper, size 14 X 11

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