Framed trio of cats

Framed trio of cats

This looks terrific Linda, I doubt you’ll be bringing this back from the exhibition! I like how the poses of the cats look to the centre one, well balanced and attractive.

That is absolutely beautiful for a cat lover like myself. Each one is a wonderful study.

Thank you Fiona, its only a local exhibition in the village community hall where Rachel lives, but it went down really well last year with plenty of people attending and buying, also its nice to meet other local artists and art groups. Maureen thank you . Diana, that's a lovely comment, I do appreciate it.

Individually superb and great as a collection. Fabulous work Linda. Bolton bank-holiday four-day food fair was on its last day today and a large marquee was devoted to an art exhibition. Unfortunately, and not helped by the weather, the place was full of what an aquaintance of mine once described as "sight-seers and time-wasters", buggies, prams, invalid carriages, pie-scoffers and just plain gawkers avoiding the weather. I gave up after a few minutes. I hope the exhibitors did well.

Oh dear Jim, I do feel sorry for the exhibitors, its such a shame you get yourself all hyped up and its so demoralizing when this happens. I hope ours is better !!! thanks for the comment. Linda

This looks amazing Linda. You must feel very proud to have completed such lovely work.

What a fabulous set they make Linda, each one so different but complimenting each other.

I've loved your cat portraits, but it's lovely to see them together like this. Putting a mount and a frame round them always makes them look at their best. Super work.

Lovely work Linda . Hope it sold for you. Sounds like a busy day!

That's so beautiful Linda, very well done!

Beautiful cats Linda.

Three beautiful portraits, Linda, they look great together.

Any cat lover would want this on their wall, they look so good framed together like that.

Well, don't they look just simply beautiful, Linda. Very professional looking to boot. Marvellous! Bri

They're gorgeous together!

Thanks everyone for such lovely comments, Linda. Brian, I used to work in a friends art and craft shop where we used to frame and stretch needlework and pieces of art, I also sold some of my paintings which was nice !!!

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Finished and framed

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