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Hang on Studio Wall
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Hi Alan, yes it does shout out in this photo today, doesn't it. Need to tone it down a touch.
Getting close now.  Some more work spent on his face, softening, adding in slight touches of colour and toning down the red of his upper lip. Trousers to do and finish work on his hand, then I think all will be done. I was asked about a background, but to be honest I am inclined to leave it as it is, for the moment at least.
Well here he is finished. I am really pleased with the end result. The only thing I am not sure about is a background, whether to leave well alone or to put something in behind, but if so I am at a loss as to what. If I do it needs to be simple and not distracting from the main portrait. May leave this to simmer for a while and see whether I can find any inspiration.  Any comments appreciated. Thanks Malcolm

by Malcolm Davies

Personally, I’m fine as it is, but if you do decide to put a hanger or huts in, the tail of a Lanc, perhaps it may be advantageous! Mind you, just looking at it again, there’s not a lot of space really. I can’t advise but it’s a fine portrait.

by Alan Bickley

Commented in the gallery, but I think this is great without a background as it’s such a strong image! Think you might lose a touch of that beautiful depth if you add to it.
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