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Had a break due to work/life/stuff, but before I did, started on this fella: An absolutely mind blowing custom named Automatron, which shares its home with my old scrapper. You can’t see here, but the whole front end is chrome, stainless, copper and brass - it’s going to be fun! Anth
This'll be interesting, you've done enough to fan our curiosity.  It reminds me of some steam-punk illustrations I've seen.
It’s total steampunk Lewis, the detail is insane! It’s going to take a lot of work to finish this one 😁
When you say 'it's going to take a lot of work', I can almost feel your relish!  You love this sort of thing, don't you?  What I'd give for a 20th of your patience and attention to detail, but - that just ain't me; not by a long way.  I admire it, and your meticulous drawing and preparation, but I'd sooner eat cold baked beans out of a tin (and could anything be worse?) than try it myself; even if I could get the superb results you achieve. Each very much to their own!
Absolutely Robert! Can understand   completely - it’s always been in the detail for me, but I know that’s not everyone’s cuppa (partly why I haven’t been on for a while!) if everyone painted the same, it would be a very dull world 👍
I see another one of you superb paintings come on Anth, I am always amazed at the detailing and quality of them. Like Robert it would not do for me , but I do love looking at such excellent paintings. And as you say much better that we are all different in out approaches to art.
I have a feeling that this one is going to be a belter sounds fabulous!
Going to try and get some time on it tomorrow - been avoiding all the fiddly stuff but going to bite the bullet!
Been pottering with this one as work’s been insane leading up to Christmas - today was the first day I’ve had a decent run at it. Thought I’d dive in and do some of the fiddly stuff: That front tire was great fun!
Anthony, it would be interesting to see us working side by side😄 , to say I'm messy would be an understatement, yet not on the canvas itself. I'm also impatient, I wouldn't think you are. The tread on that tyre is fantastic.
Let’s do it 😁 I’m giving myself til the end of January on this one, there’s a lot of detail in the front end. With the subject matter and style of my automotive stuff, impatience isn’t an option lol. Got some days off to take from work so hoping I can plough on reasonably quickly (for me!)
It's going so well, that tyre is an astonishing piece of work.  A pleasure to see you at work.
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