Will it stay loose?

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Hang on Studio Wall
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3 sessions on this, some out in the garden until everything was blown over twice! Covered in paint! Finished off inside today. The question is…can I stop going into too much detail? You decide.
Yes, STOP now, it doesn’t need any more detail - but I’m not a fan of excessive detail as you know Marjorie. Lovely painting anyway, only you will know if it needs more work, but I’ve expressed my opinion.
I had decided to stop, Alan. Thanks for the reply. Next time I’ll try for less detail but I did use a large brush until nearer the end when I put in a few details….
I like it the way it is. Lovely painting.
Thanks for looking, Denise.
Question - has it worked?  If yes - leave it alone!  But then you have to work out what works and what doesn't - which is where the snags arise.  I would say you've made your statement here - and don't need to keep adding to it; a bit like someone who makes a clear statement of intent, and then carries on trying to define terms more precisely until everyone in the audience is nodding off.  It's the most difficult thing to judge, and I for one often get it wrong - but it always being easier to judge someone else's painting than it ever is to judge your own, I too would say stop now.  (I'd say it: but would I DO it?)
Aaaagh! Just lost my reply. More briefly, I agree that it’s easier to judge s.o. else’s work re when to stop - objective not subjective. I HAVE stopped but will try again to catch that elusive “ looseness”.
I do like my detail Marjorie but wish I could stop before it goes too far ...love your final draft nice bricks and reflections ..just missing a signature. 👍
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Bari.
Lovely to see your WIP Marjorie and a super result. Yes I also think it’s ‘there’. The little piece of magic in this for me is the addition of shadows from the smaller pot plant and the way you have curled them towards the pond edge. Seeing it in stages underlines this and how much it adds. Excellent work.
Thanks, Tessa - I will now admit that those shadows didn’t come out as well as I wanted them to! But I won’t go back.
I do like it a lot Marjorie, and having just been through the same process i too had bits that I was not over fond of .  Like a lot of people I find it too easy to fiddle, or should I say I will just add a little bit here no there oops overworked .
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