Will it stay loose?

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Hang on Studio Wall
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Stopping now is a wise decision.  I don't think more detail will add anything to what this painting says.
Works well LEAVE alone.   Why is your pond mu h cleaner than mine ?
It is now. A few weeks ago it was disgusting, a massive waterlily to pull out, it filled the wheelbarrow…and loads of gunge. We’re still working on the green water.
Let me know if you sort your green water and how you did it.  I spend my life de snotting mine and it’s HUGE .  Bill took out one of our water lilies and the root looked like a crocodile.  The Herons filch the fish… I do love sitting by it but sometimes wonder why we did it.  
I wasn’t the one who was keen…..but I was the one who kept an eye on it……we’ve used barley straw…..tetrapond……that works but you have to siphon off the green clumps. After we took out the giant waterlily and a lot of gunge we got more oxygenating plants etc. We’ll see ( it’s only a little pond ) - is this an art discussion? Yes! It all relates back to my pond painting! Anything can when you’ve had a couple of glasses😆
It could be a pond forum.  I was let loose with a spray can ( yellow) and a man with a digger….. like my G& T s it kept getting bigger.  ….I learned the hard way,  barley straw , Tetra stuff , oxygenating gunk, been there done that.  But back to art forum.   It is very pretty to sit by and paint out of control water lilies .  
There’s a good article in The Artist mag ( July issue?) re painting waterlilies.
Oh…good .lol.

by Sylvia Evans

The. Lily pond was good enough for Monet so it has to be good enough for an art forum! Watched the programme on channel 5 last night about Monet’s long love affair with his lily pond! 
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