Working alone

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Hang on Studio Wall
I'm trying to get to know other artists. I work in studio alone. Not really painting much. Need other artist life forms inorder to perform🙃  I work in oil on canvas anything any subject I feel. Hope you other artists know how I'm feeling and send a message🤗

by Emma davenport

Welcome to the party, Emma. It's fairly gently-paced here but the natives are friendly. A lot of us are feeling the isolation more this year than usual; we can't go down the pub, play a concert, exhibit our art or do anything much without covering ourselves in full-body armour. And now it's wintertime. Whoop-de-doo. Come on then, spill the beans. Where are you based? What do you produce? Oils? Acrylics? Lego Bricks?
I should imagine we all know how you feel - it's very difficult to motivate oneself to work if there's no very obvious outlet for it; just piling up boards when I have little storage space is a bit of a pest to start with.  So I can express solidarity, without having any solutions to offer - not a situation I like to find myself in.
Well many of us on here are in the same boat Emma, I work alone in my studio but I have managed to keep motivated with my art, well most of the time! I also work in oils, and my subject matter is generally local landscapes and coastal scenes, the majority of which go into a local art and craft shop to sell, albeit its not been a great year for sales. There is no magic formula, hang in there and join a local art group next year when they’re open again. You will meet and socialise with other artists, and that’s a start, one that can lead to other avenues and opportunities opening up! Join in the conversation on this forum, and post some of your paintings on the online gallery, that’s an incentive to paint. Good luck and remember that you’re not alone in feeling the way you do at present!
Hi Emma. Also rowing the lone-oil-painter boat. Complete novice me, but I've been introduced to a technique that seems to suit me and I've already turned my unused spare bedroom into a studio, so I have to follow through now because I can't be bothered to put the room back the way it was. :D

by Andrew Sitton

I’m a hobby painter with occasional pet portrait sales and art group exhibition sales. This year was hard to keep motivated until I joined this group and now I have an online gallery which has been great motivation for me. Everyone is so friendly and kind with their comments, and it’s so interesting to see and comment on other artist’s work. Experiencing a dip again but that is weather related because my studio is basically a shed with insufficient heating🥶look forward to seeing your work Emma and Andrew.