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TALP Open 2020
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Congratulations to all the successful artists below in the 'Leisure Painter' category...

After The Rains Watercolour 24x24cm
After The Rains

By Lucy Marks

For Sale

2 0
Azaleas, maples and me.
Azalea, Maples and Me

By Linda Wilson

4 11
Plantations near Blaize Bailey, Forest of Dean

By Clive Kind

2 3
Autumn Fields

By Maureen Watson

6 1
Awakening Colour by Sarah-Marie Clee
Awakening Colour

By Sarah Clee

For Sale

2 0
Erewash walk
Erewash walk

By Sam Dutta

For Sale

3 0
Port Clyde, on the Coast of Maine

By Edward Moscovitch

1 0
One of Sisters

By prithwiraj das

For Sale

2 0
Noon, Downtown Street Corner, Manhattan
Noon, Downtown Manhattan Street Corner

By Andrew Fullwood

For Sale

2 3
Light on the valley

By Elizabeth Elsworth

9 5
Entomology, of a Scarab (Ruth)

By Max Dodds

2 0
Tom Harland
Tom Harland

By Brian Rylance

1 0

By Tracey Evans

For Sale

3 2
Ginless Wonder

By Helen Martell

7 5
Long way down

By Richard G Green

For Sale

2 4
British Sugar Factory. Newark
British Sugar Factory, Newark, Notts

By Carole Heyes

2 0

By Helen Bacon

3 1
Woodland Walk, Howick

By Marjorie Firth

7 27
Sanderlings at high tide, Hartlepool

By Emma Price

9 14
The Drummer

By Alison Yarrow

For Sale

1 0

By Yoko Archer

4 15

By lynne wootton

4 3
trad fest dublin oil on canvas 20x16
Trad Fest 2020, Palace Bar Dublin

By Darragh Treacy

For Sale

4 4
Cliffs at Étretat

By Pam Williams

For Sale

5 2

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