You're never too old for art!

You're never too old for art!

A story from artist and contributor to Leisure Painter, Graham Cox, to inspire us all.

Graham Cox shared this encouraging story with us, to show that you are never too old to take up painting and drawing: On Tuesday of this week I ran a "Summer Landscapes in pastel" workshop in my studio. A very sweet elderly lady of 88 years of age turned up with her Niece, she had never painted in any medium before, she said she had been a professional musician all her life but wanted to try something different. She also had quite a physical tremor in both hands. I could see she was a little nervous at first but I managed to put her at ease. At the end of the day she took me to one side and said "Thank you for such a wonderful day" And here is one of the pastel landscapes she produced - lovely work!

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Lovely story, beautiful painting. Says a lot for Graham as a tutor too.

Wow this is amazing! She is obviously very gifted.

Oh gosh - I wonder what her work would have been like if she had started earlier.