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My new dedicated sketch book.

I Love trees but know very little about them. On my daily excercise walk I see plenty of beautiful trees, it's has been so lovely to see them gradually come into leaf from the tender young spring green to the full rich green of fully grown leaves. I'm fortunate to live in the countryside and also near the Severn/ Usk estuary . Where I live it's known as the Gwent Levels, my daily walk takes me down a lovely bridal path lined with hedgrows and trees, and eventually ends at the foreshore where I live. Because of lockdown I now find I have more time to stop and stare and I realised that I didn't know the names of all these beautiful trees that I see on my daily walk, so I've decided to do something about it. I have ordered a book on tree identification called British trees by Paul Sterry. When it arrives in about a weeks time I intend to learn all about british trees and then dedicate a sketch book to British trees.


I too love trees unfortunately as I'm a high risk at this time I've not been out for nearly 3 months on lockdown in my bedroom. I do think your idea is great and hopefully I can too discover trees again and create a sketch book. I look forward to seeing your sketches Thankyou x

That's great Frances, are you near Sherwood Forest?

What a good idea. I also love trees and have done many sketches over the years. I think I shall take up your idea and dedicate a sketchbook to them. I live in Derbyshire so have plenty of inspiration around me. :)

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