The reality seems to haunt...

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The reality seems to haunt...

Inspired by Picasso’s series of skull paintings, I have painted my own version of a skull with watercolours on cardboard. This to me shows the haunting death rates that have hit the roof because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have always been inspired by the famous painter Pablo Picasso. In his lifetime, he has experimented with a wide range of painting styles. I am especially fascinated with the series of skull paintings that he has done, including human and goat skull paintings. This has inspired me to paint a skull, as I felt it was apt for depicting the high unexpected death rates this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Skull paintings have always been an epitome of signifying death, mortality and even afterlife throughout the history of art. Many civilisations and painters have portrayed skulls in various different ways. My painting is meant to be simple, yet vivid. It shows the empty sockets of the skull, showing the emptiness that has been caused by the death rates this year, as the deadly virus has attacked mankind. To me, it also gives a sense of vulnerability of the human race, telling us that no matter how advanced we have become in technology, a simple nature’s creation can be enough to wipe us out, atleast to a certain extent. Having said that, despite the vulnerability, the skull also brings out to me a sense of definite and ultimate truth, as death is always a final truth in a person’s journey of life. So it can be viewed in contrasting thoughts and I felt it could be interesting to share these thoughts with the rest of you. Thanks.


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