The Art Room (Telford)

The Art Room (Telford)

Helping Artists to promote their work

I run and maintain my website, 'The Art Room (telford)'. I provide Free webspace for Artists, Crafters & Photographers, featuring individual Online Galleries. Many additional features on the website include Art related articles, such as 'Art the Unusual', 'Famous Artists Quotes', 'Links' to Art & Crafts websites for interest and much more...........
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Hi Mareen thanks for your comment on the Lily thing...I was surprised how well it was received

Hi Maureen will keep you updated on my be honest with you I don't really care what it's like I'll go anyway just to get away from the term I might get a little more choosy once I get my feet under the to you later when you arn't so busy but for me busy is good...I would hate to sit around all Presbyterian Granny who raised me used to say " Idle hands make for the Devils work." so my hands are always are yours

I think I have finally worked this image out...I like it...

High Maureen you are busy hope the D. H. Lawrence festival draws attention to the councils plans for the building...have fun will go look at your painting now

You do sound busy Maureen......we went to our art class on friday the teacher was showing us how to use cling film & plaster-of-paris for painting it was very interesting. Have seen your painting on your gallery & have left a message.........Keep up the good work. Betty & Max