Sketching with a reed pen.

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Sketching with a reed pen.

Sketching with a reed pen.

I was delighted that my letter about making and using a reed pen was printed in 'The Artist' (June 2018). It was in response to an earlier article in the magazine, and with a bit of help from the painters-online forum, Fiona came forward and sent me a superb bundle of dried reeds, freshly picked and all the way from bonny Scotland. I am really enjoying using them, I can get great caligraphic lines of all thicknesses and can be really creative.

Thanks Carol, glad you found it interesting.

A great article, Alan. I was inspired to try this, but could only get my hand on, bull rushes or spike reed, but non the less followed your instruction and had a go. Thanks for the inspiration

Posted by C Jones on Wed 09 May 07:31:39

Thanks girls, just loving them!

Bravo Alan! Great article, I too have been very impressed with the sketches you have been able to produce with this humble drawing aid. After you highlighted their use I cut a few for myself, they are very effective, especially the variety of marks you can achieve.

The work you have done with the reed pens is marvellous Alan, I'll say this about you, you're not afraid to try new things!

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