Patchings... The Rejects

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Patchings... The Rejects

Patchings... The Rejects

Firstly congratulations to all who have been selected for Patchings 2015. I received my letter... Of rejection, for all three of my paintings :( I expect there is a lot of you out there who received the same letter as I. As an Artist, of any type, if you open yourself up to being judged you have to learn to accept the rejection letters and turn them into a positive. Remember there are 7 billion people in the world and your art has been rejected by just a handful at most and that handful will have their own ideas about what they like in a painting. Artworks are different things to different people. Jack Vettriano's painting The Singing Butler is the top selling print in the country, yet Jack the Artist is constantly put down by the establishment. So all you rejects out there, file your letters, pick up your brushes and get painting! I've included my three rejected painting here with this blog... I would love to see yours

Thank you for all your comments, but I feel my blog here has been taken out of context even by The Artist & Leisure Painter (I posted the same blog on their FB page) I didn't write this blog as a sour grapes that I didn't get selected, quite the opposite. I wrote it to encourage other Artists to look at rejections in a positive manner. I never enter an art competition or exhibition with expectations of being selected. I have been around too long to do so. If it was that easy to get selected then the whole process, to my mind, would be boring. I could paper a wall with rejection letters. There is always a positive to any rejection, for instance soon after I received my letter I put the Eb & Flo painting (the one with the Spinnaker Tower) up for sale and it sold the very next day, and they bought a signed print of one of my other paintings too. So I sold a painting, sold a print and gained a new collector, all of which would not have happened had I been selected - A positive out of a negative!

Hi Al. I won an award at Patchings some years ago now. I have had some exhibited there on other occasions also. This year, like you, three rejects!!! It isn't a nice feeling, I agree, but it isn't the end of the world either. I also entered three paintings at The Mall Galleries and guess what . . . . ? Another three rejects! We'll just have to do better next year. I'll look out for your entries.

Dear Al - don't despair! In my first year of entry, I got nowhere. You're taking the rejection philosophically, which is truly admirable and a pleasure to see these works online. Enter them for other competitions and keep creating new images/concepts/projects. To put it into perspective, Patchings received over 1700 entries this year and with only 140 spaces in each category, that must be a difficult decision to call, by all the exhibition judges, as it's about only 6% make it through. Have a good day.

I think what I meant was that not winning a competition doesn't diminish anyone as an artist. It always just depends what judges are looking for on the day and who can second guess that !!

Hi Thea, thank you for your comment. Absolutely nothing to be sorry about, what you have written is the point I was making. But I do disagree that it shouldn't affect you as an Artist as everything should affect you as an Artist, it's what makes us all creative. ;o)

Al, Sorry about that but at least you are philosophical about it. None of your beautiful paintings are rejects and you mustn't think that. All competitions are a lottery and some you win and some you lose, but it doesn't affect you as an artist.

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