Painting Challenge anyone?

Painting Challenge anyone?

Just an idea that might catch on with people. Just imagine if all we have left is the hokey cokey lol

Anyone up for a painting challenge? I'm sure that applies to everyone on this website!!!.Not intended to be a competition or anything like that but the idea is very simple. Hook up with another member on here by email and send them a random photograph each week which you would like them to complete. They can complete it in a medium of their choice and post on the gallery? The best thing about the challenge is it could be an easy or difficult subject for you but its completely random. Come on its got to be better than the hokey cokey surely?
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I'm happy to go along with whatever everyone is happy to do. If you want me to post a picture then just say I will do so

Take a turn each just post a pic then we can all work from one , post it , and have a happy crit of all the different pics. Paul post the first one. and yes not everyone has the time to do one every week. Big pat on back Paul.

Thanks for the offer Tony and will poss do that, but just had a thought if everyone who want to take part here is a private messaging link from the forum ! A good way of getting people to see the forum. Once you are on it the facility is there.

I wondered if, instead of lots of people exchanging emails etc., it might be an idea for Paul or whoever to post a different photo each week on the forum or in a blog, and then those who want to take part could use that photo for the week's challenge. (Some people might not have time to take part every week.) It would be interesting then to see how differently everyone tackles the same picture!

Sylvia, if you want a pic to do, send me an email - appears in a previous comment here & I'll send you one

Great idea Paul, sounds fun. Would love to give it a go. Will it be the same artists each week sending and painting ? Or have a rota? Bit concerned about putting my e mail address out there publicly any ideas for sending it just to the arty partner ?

Just curious as to if anyone else exchanged ideas with others?

Tony I am about to post my painting challenge effort. It possibly the worse painting I have ever done but what the heck I will post it with a massive red face. You will notice I have written reject across it as maybe after I move on from this world and my art become famous it will be worth billions!!!! Off to hide in a corner lol

It is a great idea Paul - just need to be a bit careful. So a title is good.

Maybe just painting challenge then the title. I don't want to claim credit for just a basic idea

need a title for the work when posting - guess Paul Hardy Challenge, then title of work so can identify participants?

It's good to point it out John - many of us are so trusting. Please see my new Blog.

Its better to think before ones rushes in.

If it is an issue for anyone may I suggest that you open a secondary email

That is a thought John - Awful that we have to be so careful now isn't it!

Just a thought, but do you really want the whole wide web to see your personal email address. Take care now.

Have sent you email tony