I am now offering individual private tuition, either just one off 1-2 hour consultation or regular classes.

If you live in the South or are holidaying there, I can give advice as to the best places to paint and advice of your own approach and method of painting. I have come across so many talented people who do not understand methods and techniques of the medium they are using. I offer the opportunity of learning from demonstration and hands-on. Contact me direct : 07557798558 or email [email protected]
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Thanks Alan and Dawn. I hadn’t actually seen the comment - but there are some rather strange people about now-a-days!

I've had Dawn remove it as you can see, and she will be blocking any more silly comments from him.

Podi, this guy is constantly attaching this nonsense to threads, I've been a victim also, along with many others. You need to report him to Dawn the online editor. She will erase him permanently with any luck!