Let the New Year bring splendour to your Art folio!

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Let the New Year bring splendour to your Art folio!

Exploring new mediums and let them take off!

I have often thought about creating some charcoal drawings and over the years admired the work of how the Artist employed charcoal as their preference. I have little experience in drawing with charcoal sticks, although once upon a time loved drawing with chalk and think many of my earliest drawings were rendered on a blackboard which became my first easel I suppose chalk is light and flexible applied to a blackboard where one can draw with ease and rub out easily. Its a safe haven of delight for the beginners', and I treasure those times as it was so spontaneous and flexible during childhood days! When I reflect upon the many images which were sketched and dabbed upon that blackboard it became my sacred corner in the house. Now charcoal is an entirely different tool and launching the tip or side of a stick of charcoal will be a fascination this year! I liked charcoal drawing at Art College but didn't seem to grasp the concept of texture. I shall explore how to create some layering, and delve into distorted images, which can revert the image into different forms of varying size and shape. Bearing in mind the transition from colour, shape and form thus keeping the contour lines of the object in keeping with the original form. It's a challenge but worth discovering how charcoal can be a medium which one can adopt in new drawing style and technique! Here is one of my charcoal drawings I attempted a while ago but think I added coloured chalk to emphasize the textures! From small beginnings let that stick of charcoal take us into a new perspective! Wishing you all a Happy New Year in Art and with your chosen medium too!


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