Leaping the Gap.

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Leaping the Gap.

What is 40 years?

Back in the 1960's I spent a year at art school , mostly life drawing in order to achieve A level. My career then took and entirely different course, including a science degree and many years in training and educational management. Then 2 years ago, I retired and immediately enrolled at the local Adult Education centre on Life-drawing and Portraiture classes. I thought that going back to what I once knew how to (albeit over 40 years before) would help me regain some confidence. Returning to basic drawing, I found that I quickly improved and the work that I produced was different to my A level work. I even worked faster. No doubt a result of my working life being subject to numerous deadlines. My tutor was fantastic, very supportive and friendly. She encouraged me to try new techniques and 18 months ago I started painting. At first I did a beginners watercolour course and meanwhile I started painting portraits and life models in acrylic. I took to watercolours like a duck to water, if you will excuse the pun. Acrylics was a little more challenging as the colours did not always turn out the way I expected, but persistence has been rewarding. My tutor tells me that I have had the steepest learning curve that she has seen in all her years of teaching so I am well pleased with my progress. The next challenge is selling my work as I need to make more space at home. the moral of the story is that you can teach old dogs new tricks and learning is not just for young people

Hi Patsy thank you for the updates re forest fires...please pass on our sincere wishes... Hector? yes he is known to me...

Patsy, we are thinking of you all in OZ.... And it must be devastating for all the people who lost loved ones & their homes, lets hope the culprit gets the punishment he deserves. Have replied to you on my blog. Betty & Max

Patsy, I've added a bit to my blog below, perhaps you'd like to look in. We are keeping you all in Oz in our hearts, minds and prayers. Thanks for the offer of roses, I would like to see yours. I don't have a website although I do intend to create one before long. Look me up on the SAA website - www.saa.co.uk - I think you can contact me through it. Look in the Professional section or find an RSC in Nottinghamshire. Let me know if you have problems and I'll ring the chief with a ticking off.

Patsy, It is hell on earth ! I am in touch with some family, they live in Victoria and every day we exchange emails......... so very worrying.

it's so terrible.......makes me so angry ..........hope they throw the book at the twats who started it......there are too many sick people out there............

I am horrified at what we are reading and seeing about your dreadful events out there, makes our drop of snow, pale into insignificance. Hopefully it will all end soon..and hopefully with no more fatalities.As you say there are some very sick people around.

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