Its a fine mess we've got into....

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Its a fine mess we've got into....

What have I been doing for 2 years? (This is a question to myself.)


Life with Coronavirus! It has been a struggle, but who hasn't had a struggle. It was good to have time to paint for myself. but without classes and diminishing sales, I can hardly keep up the payments for my studio. And then I got infected. Now on the mend, I am feeling the affects it has had on my body, with painful joints and tiredness. I'm just hoping this goes away soon.


I think that a lot of artists who paint for a living have suffered over the last couple of years Podi and I really do feel for them. Fortunately for me, I paint and print as a hobby, so the only way this virus has affected my work, is that I’ve mostly been working on my own, where before I attended several painting groups each week and I have missed the social side of it. While these groups have slowly started up again over recent weeks, all bar one are poorly attended and things just aren’t the same anymore. Lovely painting, it’s the second group painting that I’ve seen and liked of yours.

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