It is never too late.......

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It is never too late.......

It is never too late.......

This is to encourage anyone who, maybe in later life, is tempted to have a go at painting for the first time. I started 15 years ago at the tender age of 66! I had the urge to paint watercolour and have enjoyed every minute since. My first attempts were pretty awful but the secret is not to be discouraged and paint, paint, paint. Slowly you learn new tricks- what works and what doesn't. You are always learning and although you experience ups and downs you will be amazed at how you have improved by looking back at earlier work. Like you, I am hoping my next painting will be a masterpiece - if I live to 150 perhaps I'll do one. Meanwhile, it is fun trying!


Hi Paul - don’t think I ever saw your post until today (2nd July 2020). Yes, that’s me! Grew up at Green Hollow. Dad had the bungalow built in 1949 and we lived there until 1967. The railway was super; we had a station near the cesspit which we called ‘Turnham Green’ 😊. If you see this post, please let me know how you know about Green Hollow Regards, Michael Trask

Hi Michael, did you used to live in Green Hollow just off Highlands Road Fareham? The house with the railway in the garden?

Thank you very much Geraldine. I think you come from the beautiful 'emerald isle'? I am ashamed to say I have not yet set foot in Ireland - and I should if for no other reason than to practice my 'greens' in watercolour painting. Living down in the New Forest in Hampshire, you would think that I'd get plenty of practice - but I find green difficult which is why, unsurprisingly, you will not find a trace of it in 'Aberdeen Harbour'!

Hi Michael, I just had a look at your gallery. It contains some lovely work - I especially like your Scottish scenes! You have given some good advice in your blog. It certainly is never too late. The great thing about painting is that it can be done at any age and you are never finished learning - even if you do live until 150! Hopefully you won't have to wait that long for your masterpiece - you are well on the way already! Geraldine Leahy PS. I am going back to your gallery now to 'like' a few of your paintings!

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