In Times of Self Isolating

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In Times of Self Isolating

Embrace your art


In these stressful times of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, I got to thinking about the extra time I have to get creative & sit at my easel: I don't know about other artists, but the list of things I want to get around to painting is longer than my arm, so, I decided instead of making myself ill by getting stressed out, I'd embrace it, get some practice in & enjoy building up my portfolio. Embrace your art & stay safe


It’s good to know other artists feel the same overwhelming pressures. What with so many social media platforms for self promotion to keep on top of; so many mediums to choose from, subject matters etc.... all buzzing around my head - I tend to do more procrastinating than I do art! Which is very stressful as I end up doing nothing! And at the end of the day, art should be relaxing. So thank you for your wise words Sharon - I shall take heed!

Great advice Sharon. A good time to try new things. For me, maybe more still life’s or paintings of flowers in our garden.

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