In for a penny

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In for a penny

In for a penny

Well it took me so long to pluck up courage to put my work on the gallery after not really showing my work to people for quite a few years apart from other climbers and walkers and general country lovers, I thought in for a penny, in for a pound, probably not of interest but I thought a would share a view of my little haven of peace at the bottom of my garden were I paint, I designed the building and had it built by a 70plus year old carpenter, proper craftsman after I got a diagnosis about my health which is not good long term and has effectivley put a stop to my trips to the high mountains. The idea being when I can no longer get out at all I can still escape back to the mountains in my imagination and my painting, down in the studion I am surrounded by the garden, the sound of water cascades and singing birds, what more can you ask for.

Looks a lovely spot!

Thank you for that Sergio very kind of you.

Dear Malcom My place looks like yours . Congratulatios for your beautifull sight. Here in Chile we have very high mountains if you want to climb. You are invited. Regards Sergio Morales [email protected]

That is true Dennis, it has taken quite a few years to get my garden the way I want it, a little bit of the countryside cut off from everything else, then I was lucky enough to be able to get the studio built right at the bottom of the garden away from the house. It has power so I can use it in winter also and it is quite big so it can be used just to relax in as well, my wife calls it 'the Posh Shed' she found a joke sign on a market so that hangs in a window.

Lucky you Malcolm such a great place to work

Fabulous work space Malcolm!

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