Flipping Internet Connection - Grrrr...!

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Flipping Internet Connection - Grrrr...!

Rural Broadband is a joke.

I live in a village a few miles south of Shrewsbury. Two miles up the road, BT have installed fibre optic Broadband, but my village is not getting it for over two years as they have to put in some fancy exchange or something to carry the fibre optic system. Currently our Broadband limps along at about 1 or 2 Mbps, with pages takes about 20+ second to load (doesn't sound long, but it is terminal when waiting). It is worse on some days depending on local usage. We have accelerators all over the house and it does make a slight difference, but I am so lusting after having a decent download speed. With the new POL site and the much larger images, it has become a time consuming task to go through the gallery and leave comment on the paintings that attract me. It currently takes me at least twice if not three times as long to get through the first 4 or 5 pages. I am sorry if I seem to get really behind with looking at work,but I am having to set aside a whole evening to check out the site and gallery. The flesh is willing but the broadband speed is weak! However, salvation is on the horizon. A company called uServe has put a new wireless mast on the Wrekin (a local hill near me) and as long as your house has clear site of the Wrekin you can receive between 15-20Mbps. I have died and gone to heaven I think! Well, on investigation, we found that we can't see the Wrekin from our house, but lo and behold, we can from half way down our drive - result. The snag is that we have to put in an 8ft pole to fix the wireless dish to and then run about 50 metres of cable up the drive and into the house - digging it in - quite a task. However, I don't care what it costs or how long it takes to install - I'm having it. Rural areas are so often put to the end of the queue or even forgotten when it comes to broadband, regardless of what the government targets are. Thank goodness for uServe as when we get the system up and running, I stand a chance of surfing the site without losing the will to live. I know this probably isn't riveting news, but to me it is major and will transform my technical life and will let me enjoy the POL site without tearing my hair out and the need for Valium before I go online. P.S. The photo is of me aged 8 - a very long time ago!

I sympathise entirely, Thea. We also live 'in the sticks' and had to put up with 1mb or 2mb on a good day. We now have a wireless dish on the roof thanks to a local company called Boundless. We only receive a modest 5mb but that's perfectly fine for our needs. Thankfully we're the 'folks who live on a hill' so no need for a mast or all that digging. Best of luck with Userve, hope they serve you well.

Thank you very much for the useful advice Julie. Unfortunately cable broadband isn't available in our neck of the woods as we did explore all possibilities and drew a blank. However, this new company, who has put the wireless mast on a large hill near us, is our best option I think (if it works!). They delivered the cable reel to us yesterday and all we have to do is dig in about 50metres of the stuff (tricky). I'm afraid rural areas get totally forgotten. We politely cough up our council tax and for that we get......errr... ah, yes, rubbish collection. Nothing else - no street lighting, no road cleaning (although it is frequently covered in mud from tractors), the council doesn't repair potholes in the road, no gritting in bad weather (as far as they are concerned we can slide all the way down the hill to the main road), no snow plough, etc, etc... and the annoying thing is that most of the houses in our village are quite large and probably pay over the odds in council tax. However, I can put up with all that if I can get a decent broadband speed and the promise of 15-20Mb is like winning the lottery as I will not longer have to go off and make a cup of tea to fill the time until a page loads. As for spammers - well you have to feel sorry for the poor mindless little souls, don't you. They are probably sad little people holed up in dark and musty bedrooms with headphones clamped on their heads and their eyes red and bloodshot from staring at a computer screen! They obviously have dull and boring lives and all they can think of to amuse themselves is to annoy other people. The site has suffered from them and multiple posters for as long as can remember - although spookily, multiple posting seems to have stopped. Wonder why? Anyway, thank you for your very helpful response. It was very nice of you to try and help. I suspect that loads of POL members struggle with broadband, so any advice on how to improve things will always be welcome.

I'm unsure if this link below helps you at all, Thea, but it might be worth considering. I thought the download speed was so slow that I'd missed your blog post (only joking, it didn't take three days to appear online!), anyhow I think the gaming "spammers" may be causing our painters-online blog to get a little sidetracked and pieces seem somewhat out-of-context! I'm confident, however, that Dawn will sort out these IT gremlins and rid our blog of the trolls!! If it's any consolation, due to austerity measures, we subscribe to Virgin Media basic Broadband package which "supposedly" downloads at 50Mb, but even this can be intermittent with poor customer care back-up and regular downtime. This link may give you a further idea of the fibre optic options available near your village: https://www.cable.co.uk/local/broadband/shropshire/shrewsbury/ Best Wishes JAM PS It is a pleasure to see the young Thea!

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