First blog ever

First blog ever


Just uploaded. First sketch aim going to try 4 watercolours using this sketch. Showing all seasons
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Anne Is well known to me in the professional artist sense...I do hope The Jedi reads this...

Alan thank you for posting that. It is indeed good news to learn that perhaps art lovers are turning from the traditional galleries (where the prices are inflated to incorporate the commission they charge - no problems with that because they, of course, have expenses in running the galleries) and taking the time to attend well-publicised local art exhibitions. Well done Walton!

Well done Anne!! I'm Chairman (1st year) of our local art club in Walton on Thames and we were wondering the same as you, earlier back in May, at our annual exhibition. We found that our fears were ungrounded as well with many paintings sold, in fact more than last year. On talking to various other local art groups the story seems to be the same? Maybe people are shunning the professional art shows but are willing to spend at the local shows.....anyway long may it continue, well done. P.S. if you get praise from Phil it must have been good hehehe (only joking Phil).

Hi Phil - thanks you for your comment (and the link!). Sydney Smith is one of our new members - this is the first time he has exhibited with us - his work is certainly exciting and created quite a lot of interest. Anne

Hi and welcome Anne...I put this exhibition onto the Exhibition Thread for you...TM & Mel. [TM The Memsahib my wife Meltemi me etc.] also visited on the Saturday...recall seeing some excellent art from a Mr Smith?