Keeping busy at an exhibition

Having a weekend exhibition at a local community hall can be fraught with problems. 2 friends and I were unsure if we would get many visitors, the hall was new on a new estate and not the easiest to find due to the fact that the roads were unadopted therefore no signs to the hall. Having booked the venue before it was even finished we were committed and what a venue it was the light and space could not have been better all the facilities were great plus free parking. We set up on the Friday evening, Saturday morning had us showing to some of the Slimming World members before we had properly opened, then we were ready and waiting but we had prepared...tea and coffee available being provided for charity, we started painting, I would recommend that you paint or draw something that you will be able to pick up or put down at any time as visitors like to chat and ask questions and you do not want to be In the middle of something complicated while trying to answer a difficlut question. After all the visitors had gone and all was packed away, remembering all the nice comments and of course toting up any sales, would we do it again ..... Yes we would this the painting I did over our last weekend exhibition.
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Thank you Linda, can highly recommend it and glad you like the ram

Well done for putting in the effort. Love the ram by the way!

Thank you Pat the exhibition was a lot of work but also a lot of fun the ram was just fun

well done both exhibition and ram