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I am sure many of you are aware of the impact of these books on the public. Even though I paint I have to say I am quite addicted to them, although my art comes first. Does anyone else own up to enjoying them? And do you think they are stopping would be artists to have a go at ordinary art? My opinion is that it brings "art" to many more people who perhaps haven't the confidence to go down the usual route. What is your opinion?

Hi Bob, Obviously a lot of people find these activity books beneficial - me included. I think there is a mixed reaction from Artists, some might feel that to do their art is calming enough, but sometimes you can become a little stressed out if your art piece is not going well etc. When you colour these books in you don't really have to think too much and for anybody who is more confident with paints or crayons you can colour in more professionally. I also think that some of these people who have started out with these books will progress to trying some art of their own, and that can't be bad.

Hi Adele, I work in a care home for the elderly, where I run activities, one of which is an art group. Obviously, I don't have the required skills and knowledge to teach, I merely, "make it happen". We have artists of all abilities and disabilities. The great joy for me, is to convince a sceptical resident to come along, or the resident that swears blind she hasn't an artistic bone in her body. I start them off colouring in with paints and then progress to copying a Van Gogh postcard or similar if they feel confident. If not, no problem. One lady copied wheatfield with cypresses and she had the palette down perfectly and composition was pretty spot on as well!! I think these books play a valid role in promoting confidence in art, and a definite sense of pride and well-being in my residents. And the looks on their faces when they finish a piece is a joy to behold! I will admit to enjoying a bit of colouring in myself too!!

Me too Sylvia!

What I do wish Adele is that I had thought of the idea first.....l

It's great to receive different comments. Sylvia, you are not a wet blanket, just stating your point of view. A lot of artists find sketch books an essential part of their art - for my part, I am terrible at sketching, which sounds like I should get a sketch book and practice! Obviously these art and puzzle books are big business now, so many people love them. For me they are calming and help with my illness, so that is great - and many people need something in their lives to help with their stresses. Peter, tell your wife to get on with it! She may love it or not, but at least she would have tried it. And you don't need to be an expert. Incidentally, now there are videos on You Tube to show you how to do these books - something I would never have thought would happen.

Hi Adele. Personally I've never used them, but my Wife expressed an interest as she insists she cannot draw to save her life. I've bought a couple of books for her including a Poldark one that she really wanted, and some pencils but she has yet to grasp the nettle.

Im going to be the wet blanket around here. I really cannot think of anything I would hate more . The whole idea makes me squirm. . I virtually always have a sketch book with me so whiling away time, journeys and recording thoughts and ideas is caught in my own creative little book . I don't have any problem with others doing them and can see the therapeutic value . But just not for me.

I totally agree Jessica - art in whichever form can't be bad.

What's not to love about colouring; whether you're an artist or not, it's still a great way to rewind, de-stress, relax and get creative at the same time. I colour particularly whenever I'm suffering from artist's/writer's block. It's such a great time-killer for travelling, too!

Thanks for the comments Alan and Manashree. Yes I visited the Forum the other day Alan to see what it was all about. It looks fairly easy but thank you for the tips. It is better to actually get involved in painting and your neighbour is lucky that you can help her get started. The reason I get a bit confused about things Alan is that I have bi-polar (which thankfully with the help of meds. I can carry on reasonably well). However looking at too many things on the site over the past month resulted in the need for me to "rest" the brain over the weekend. I settled down yesterday with my music and began to colour one of my books. So it is very therapeutic for me, as I don't have to think too much. Up and running today but have now promised husband that I will limit computer time to 1 hour every other day. But I will get on to Forum as it looks very interesting.

I was fond of buying colouring books in my childhood in vacations. I used to colour a lot in my summer holidays. Sometimes my mother used to scold me for the same as I used to spend a lot money on getting those books and those were bit expensive. I used to finish a 100 page book in a day or two. But still, my mother used to get it for me somehow managing. I feel bad now realising about how much money I have wasted on it and troubled my mom for such demands. Yes, but as I grew up I have never used them. But there are some books which helps learning art. I havent seen such books and dont know about the latest trends in such resources so I cant comment.

Hello Adele The answer is no, never used them, never felt the need really, but if they are beneficial then why not. I do know a lady, she live opposite me, who has a sort of 'grown up' colouring book and she loves the therapeutic side of it. I have however got her interested in starting to learn to paint, and have sorted her some acrylics, Daler board and brushes to get her underway, also drawn an outline of a small part of her lovely cottage and flowers to give her the confidence to start. I did stop at putting numbers on mind you... I look forward to seeing how she has got on. On that other matter, RJ perhaps didn't go as far as telling you how to put a new post on the forum, so here goes... Go to ART COMMUNITY onto MEDIA FORUMS then to let's say GENERAL DISCUSSION (there are many other headings like Drawing, Acrylic etc) click and open that topic and you will see a box POST TOPIC, click on that and you will see POST NEW TOPIC... and then simply follow the simple format. Hope this helps, as the forum has many more visitor's than the blog section. Alan

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