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Chris Scott

Hi I'm new to the Leisure painter. And have just submitted two of my paintings. I do so with some fear of the unknown. At the start of Covid Pandemic and all the restrictions that were becoming part of everybody's lives. I decided having dabbled with art here and there during my Seventy years. That if I dabbled a bit more it would be a great way of passing the days. Thankfully my Wife Liz has been very supportive with my new found obsession. My early Watercolour attempts were bright and bold but not very successful and my perspective not too good at all. However I vowed to continue no matter what. And 137 paintings later I'm still learning and trying to improve. The wonder of it all is to start with a blank paper and fill it all with colour and a visual story. Good or bad.

My Art work. Chris Scott.


Keep going Chris... I’m some 20,000 paintings in, and still looking for improvement!

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