John Graham Inkson


Life From The Easel. As an artist I see my self as an all rounder. Ive worked with all the painting mediums, as well as silk screen printing, ceramics, small sculptures, sign writing, murals, graphic design and digital art. I went to Cardiff University to do graphic design rather than do a fine art course. The work I saw coming out of the fine art courses put me off and I also felt I could teach it myself for the quality I saw on offer. Graphic design offered some discipline and that was the way to go for me. Most of my working life has been involved in art. I was artist and sign writer for a large Ford Main Dealer in Essex, Worked and self employed in graphic design in Cheshire, Did a spell at the Welsh National Opera, The job I loved most was being a Craft instructor which involved adapting art for disabled adults. Challenging but very rewarding at times. In my own time I have had work displayed in museums and galleries. At one museum I did plein-air painting in the gardens and the paintings went on sale in the museums sales centre. Ive also organised my own art exhibitions with another artist. At the present time my home is a living art gallery with my own and other artist work I have purchased. All the rooms including the kitchen are fitted out with art. Alas nothing in the bathroom but I might fix that with some leaping dolphins in the shower area. I have visitors that come to look at the paintings and I make a sale or two as a result.