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Love to paint!

Helen Evans

Posted on Thu 24 Feb 2011

Hello everyone!
I have been painting for about 10 years. I enjoy it so much, although there are times when I get frustrated trying to get what is in my head onto paper!
I will have a go at painting anything, usually in watercolour, although I have dabbled with pastels, acrylics and acrylic ink.


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  • Hi Patsy, painting going really badly (not that Phil Kendal cares!! Pull myself together indeed. I am a suffering artist!). Drawing going really well. Local gallery owner has seen my stuff and is clearing wall space for me! She is more exited than me about it! She also wants me to put together a portfolio of male life studies to complement my ladies. All I have to do is pursuade some fella to get his kit off! Not easy. Women are less inhibited than men I've found. Your family sounds like ours. They swarm in, raid the fridge, race around and run off. Nice isn't it. Good luck with the wedding and enjoy your weather. It's freezing, damp and miserable over here. My two buddies travelling Australia are loving it. They are picking up casual work for the beer vouchers and having a whale of a time. The little mohican is a bit red though.

    Posted by Alan Stevens on Tue 20 Jan 16:38:09
  • Patsy I wish you so much happiness with the wedding to come. What a terrible time this young couple has had. Will be looking your news as they come.

    Posted by Beatrice Cloake on Tue 20 Jan 17:39:14
  • Hi Patsy first & foremost thank you for the comments on my blog, i am gradually getting through my books but it will take time. Like you we have family but unfortunately they all live away in differant parts of england but it don't stop us worrying about them, 3 daughters & a son & 6 grandchildren whose ages range from 18 down to 6 they are alway's phoning us especially if they have problems, we miss not seeing them. I hope the wedding goes well for you. By the way we had a flurry of snow here in exmouth devon yesterday which is unheard of in this part of england but it was soon gone.

    Posted by max lennox on Wed 21 Jan 01:28:39
  • That was a quick reply - must be the time difference. I was at work when I blogged you (but don't tell anyone). No luck on the male model front yet. Yes I did read about your experience. It's enough to put you off for life! I'm going to the Art shop in Scarborough tomorrow. The proprietor is very knowledeable (not just a can of beans to him - he even supplies a glass of water if you're buying water colour brushes to test the spring). I'll get what he recommends for retarder and give it a go. Thanks for that. I'll spend Sunday painting chores permitting.

    Posted by Alan Stevens on Fri 23 Jan 17:37:44