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First day on the#BigSkyArtCourse #Norfolk two more painting sessions.

Philip Westcott

Posted on Wed 28 Nov 2018

We were lucky that the weather was quite good for the time of year and we all set off for our first attempt at using our acquired knowledge to paint outdoors. We soon arrived at a small coastal seafront. As we looked out over the mud flats, boats, water and buildings ,the decision became what was the best composition. Having painted buildings earlier, I decided to use this theme again, as well as to include some of the landscape.

After quickly sketching it out, I started by adding the sky. Fortunately, it didn’t fade too much this time. Using broad brush strokes, I then added the foliage and water before carefully painting the buildings and a boat. This all went quite well and I was pleased with the result.
It was soon time for some lunch and we went to a local pub for some food. After a large breakfast, the simple homemade soup was welcome. We then returned to the studio for a quick appraisal of our work. I was pleased that John also thought my painting had been successful and only needed a couple of quick tweaks to finish it off.

​Once we back at the hotel, it was time for another paint along session. This time John used a sketch he had drawn on the trip and we painted along with him. This went reasonably well until the end when ,feeling quite tired, I added a sign-come- lamppost on the left, which seemed to keep growing. I wasn’t pleased with this painting, but even John admitted that he wasn’t as keen on the subject matter he had chosen either and his painting was far superior to mine!
I have to admit to being envious at how he manages to find and mix colours from his paint box. However, after thirty years of painting in this style, it must be easy for him. At the moment though, it is beyond me!
​A couple of days later I added pen and ink to it and on reflection would cut the picture down to size to remove part of the left side.
At the evening meal we had a chance to discuss the day and the atmosphere around the table was enjoyable with lots of shared experiences. It was interesting to find out about the other artists' work and interests. It was then time for an early night, as we would have a busy day ahead of us.

First day on the#BigSkyArtCourse #Norfolk two more painting sessions.


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