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All About Canson Watercolour Papers with Tony Paul

Tony Paul begins a three-part series, looking at modern paper manufacturing and some of the best watercolour papers available today. To begin, he weighs up what’s on offer from French manufacturer, Canson.

All About Hahnemühle Watercolour Papers with Tony Paul

Four top-quality watercolour papers by German manufacturer, Hahnemühle, are put through their paces by Tony Paul after he offers a brief history of this 16th century mill.

How to Paint Watercolour Skies with Paul Riley

Paul Riley advises on colours and techniques that will add drama and impact to your sky paintings.

Whatever the Weather - Diana Vowles tallks to Scottish Artist, David Smith

Diana Vowles talks to Scottish artist David Smith, who likes to work in front of the subject, and chooses his medium according to the prevailing weather conditions

How to Paint Skies with Pamela Kay - Adventures with a Sketchbook

Learn how to paint changing skies and aerial perspective with confidence as you join Pamela Kay on the second leg of her journey down the coast of Africa.

Charles Williams puts Jackson’s Watercolours to the test

Artist Charles Williams tests out Jackson's Watercolours.

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