Here is Paul Browns' selling checklist, taken from the article in the February 2010 issue of Leisure Painter


  • Always look smart and presentable
  • Be positive and polite
  • Always have invoices and other sales tools to hand
  • Be punctual. If you turn up late you could miss a sale or an important client
  • Don't be too pushy, and don't talk too much. Let the client speak
  • Be interested in what the client has to say
  • Try to get the client's name, address and telephone number
  • Follow up enquiries after the exhibition
  • Never become despondent
  • Keep smiling! If everyone smiled the world would be a better place!
  • Remember lablels with your name, medium, size and price
  • Final adjustments. Is everything labelled? Visitors' book, brochure and artist information readily available


Selling art an exhibition


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Paul Brown is a professional artist covering a wide range of subjects including landscapes, views of London and Venice, figures and interiors. See Paul's website to find out about forthcoming exhibitions, charity auctions and examples of his work.