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How to paint a snowy landscape in watercolour with Julie King

Join Julie King on a winter’s walk without having to venture out into the cold! Here’s how to capture the peaceful atmosphere of a snow-laden landscape using a variety of techniques to create texture and atmosphere.

How to paint snowscapes in gouache

One from our archive - The drama of snowscapes, John Cooke, February 1998 The Artist

How to paint a snow scene in watercolour with Alwyn Crawshaw

Alwyn Crawshaw analyses the development of a watercolour snow scene in five illustrated stages and describes his working procedure.

How to paint snow in oils

It's never too early to start producing your own Christmas cards. Be inspired by Christine Pybus, who advises on colours, techniques and inspiration for painting your best snowscapes ever

How to paint a snowy landscape in acrylic with Charles Evans

Follow Charles Evans step by step to paint a snow-laden landscape with figures and dogs.

How to paint a snowy landscape using watercolour and chalk pastels

Helen Tarr shows how watercolours and chalk pastels make a great combination for a snowy landscape painting.

How to paint snow in acrylics with Helen Tarr

Watch as helen Tarr paints a snowy landscape in acrylics.

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How to paint a snow scene in pastel

Watch as Graham Cox demonstrates a snow scene in pastel.

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Paint a snowscape in watercolour with William Wheeler

William demonstrates how to paint a snowscape in watercolour

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Let it snow by Tim Fisher

Easy methods to counteract the fast-drying nature of acrylics and produce sparkling snow scenes.

How to paint snow-covered trees using masking fluid with Terry Harrison

Terry Harrison shows ways of using masking fluid to create snow-covered trees.

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Paint a winter snowscene with Paul Talbot Greaves

Paul demonstrates painting a winter snowscene in watercolour

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