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How to draw a rottweiler puppy

Follow Lucy Swinburne step-by-step and learn how to draw an adorable puppy using pastel pencils.

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How to paint architectural subjects in pastel

Steve Hall demonstrates how pastel can be used to paint architectural subjects.

How to draw figures in the style of Degas in pastel

Ghislaine Howard is inspired by Degas' working methods and gives a step-by-step guide for you to draw a dancer in the same style.

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How to paint a dramatic cloudburst in pastels

Follow Sandra Orme‘s tips and advice as she demonstrates how to capture a dramatic cloudburst of rain using pastels.

How to paint snow in pastel

Keep your composition simple to produce a vibrant snow scene in pastel with Les Darlow

How to draw winter trees

Follow Sandra Orme and create a scene of winter trees with evocative winter light using charcoal and soft pastels.

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