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Hoar frost in Borrowdale2
A guide to pastel painting

Discover pastel painting with top advice from Robert Dutton, Charmian Edgerton and Derek Daniells.

How to paint a spring landscape in pastels

Watch as Graham Cox paints a spring landscape in pastels

stage 12 Finished
How to paint a snow scene in pastel

Watch as Graham Cox demonstrates a snow scene in pastel.

How to paint hair

Top tips for painting hair from Ann Witheridge

DD pic5
Pastel “fingers” by Derek Daniells

Derek Daniells loves the immediacy and versatility of pastel sticks and uses them to capture scenes or groups of “mundane” objects that have an immediate appeal.

TP Pic4
Simple Pastel Landscape Demonstration by Tony Paul

Follow Tony Paul’s guide and create a pastel landscape in four easy stages

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