Mixed media

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How to paint a Spritsail Barge on the Orwell

Alan Bickley uses pen and wash to depict an iconic Spiritsail barge on the Orwell.

How to paint a still life with dried poppies

Alan Bickley demonstrates a still life of dried poppy seedheads in mixed media

RC 1
British Plein Air Painters’ top tips for painting outdoors

Top artists from the British Plein Air Painters share their top tips for painting outdoors.

stage 5
How to paint a still life with grapefruit and pears

Alan Bickley demonstrates a healthy breakfast still life painting in mixed media using charcoal pencils, acrylic ink, soft pastel, conte chalk and gouache.

Drawing the natural world in pen and ink

How to create a hatched and cross hatched pen and ink drawing of the natural world.

Mother's day flowers - Stage 6
How to paint a floral still life

Soraya French demonstrates a mixed-media still life of flowers given to her by her children.

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