Mixed media

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How to use mixed media and collage to paint flowers

Doris Charest explains easy methods to experiment with mixed media to produce a vibrant flower painting. Plus how to make your own collage paper.

How to paint an autumnal fox in mixed media

The making of Heads or Tails in mixed media by Judit Matthews

Composition in mixed media - in good shape with Mike Bernard

Mike Bernard explains how he uses man-made shapes and straight lines, rather than natural objects, to create interesting compositions.

How to approach mixed-media art

Robert Dutton suggests ways to ensure best results in mixed media.

Explore mixed-media materials and techniques

Lydia Bauman encourages you to experiment with a variety of unconventional materials and mixed-media techniques as you paint a view of Mount Fuji.

How to use ‘Tonking’ as part of your mixed media painting projects

Fiona Phipps discusses the method of transferring newsprint ink to create colour and texture in your paintings.

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