Mixed media

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Learning how to learn - conquering all media with Anne Elsworth

Anne Elsworth enjoys the pleasures and problems of all media and encourages us to try something different for a change.

Captain Sir Tom Moore - A Lockdown Portrait by Adebanji Alade

Adebanji Alade demonstrates how he makes art in isolation by painting a portrait of the now legendary Captain Sir Tom Moore

How to Paint Snowdrops in Mixed Media with Soraya French

Paint a drift of snowdrops in a woodland setting.

Composition in mixed media - In Good Shape with Mike Bernard

Mike Bernard explains how he uses man-made shapes and straight lines, rather than natural objects, to create interesting compositions.

Paint the English Coastline and be Inspired by John Piper with Glyn Macey

In the first of a new six-part series Glyn Macey is inspired by well-known artist, John Piper, to paint a storm at Cuckmere in mixed media. Follow Glyn's demonstration here.

How to Paint a French Market Scene in Mixed Media with Jill Hammond

PaintersOnline regular, Jill Hammond explains her mixed media painting techniques as she paints a French market scene step-by-step.

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