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Life as an artist: Interview with printmaker Jemma Gunning

Join Jemma Gunning as she talks exclusively to Painters Online about her artistic journey and what led her to printmaking.

A guide to watercolour painting for beginners

Learn how to choose, use and look after your watercolour painting equipment plus simple exercises showing various watercolour techniques to help you get started.

How to use metallic and iridescent colours

Robert Dutton experiments with metallic and iridescent colours in pastel and acrylic inks and illustrates how they can enhance your potential for creative expression.

Watercolour pencil techniques for landscapes

Irina Garmashova shows various techniques for painting landscapes using watercolour pencils.

How to achieve texture using watercolour paint

Hazel Soan shows how to produce texture in your watercolour paintings.

Hints & tips for watercolour painting by Nick Poullis

Nick Poullis offers advice on a range of watercolour painting techniques in this extract from The Artist July 2009

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