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Photo 15 final painting
How to paint a still life of fruit and vegetables

Milly England demonstrates a still-life of fruit and vegetables in gouache, with advice on achieving bright, fresh colour and realistic textures.

Step 5
Take your gouache painting to the next level

Top advice for improving your gouache painting skills

An introduction to painting in gouache

Robert Brindley discusses the unique qualities of gouache.

Paint Vibrant Still Lifes in Gouache with Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob shares her tips for bringing vigour and excitement to your still-life paintings and make them compelling viewing.

How to paint snowscapes in gouache

One from our archive - The drama of snowscapes, John Cooke, February 1998 The Artist

Paint a Patchings vista in gouache with Graham Laughton

Follow Graham Laughton step by step as he sketches a Nottinghamshire landscape in gouache.

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