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Landscapes in Gouache by Anthony Atkinson

Anthony Atkinson describes his working methods with his favourite medium

How to Paint Fieldfares using Indian Ink and Gouache with Emma Faull

Paint fieldfares using Indian ink and gouache with Emma Faull.

The Challenge of Gouache Painting by Leonard Richmond

Leonard Richmond describes the process of gouache painting.

Paint Vibrant Still Lifes in Gouache with Wendy Jacob

Wendy Jacob shares her tips for bringing vigour and excitement to your still-life paintings and make them compelling viewing.

How to Paint Raindrops on a Leaf in Watercolour

Be inspired by the simple effect of raindrops on a leaf. Sarah Wood demonstrates step by step the painting of such detail using just four watercolours and white gouache.

How to Paint Gardens in Gouache

Find out about the characteristics of gouache and the importance of following good working practice, for painting gardens. Learn to paint more confidently with advice from Lorna Gasperi

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