There's no denying that digital painting has taken the art world by storm. In my early training as an illustrator and painter I had very little interest in the new digital programs that artists were working with. It wasn’t until the year 2000, when most of my work went up in flames during a studio fire, that I reached a crossroads. I was introduced to Painter and haven’t looked back since.

Working with Corel Painter 2020

Painter is a digital art software that was created by artists for artists. Whether you choose to work with the software’s Natural-Media oils, watercolours, thick paint, or pastels, the materials smudge, drip, blend, and seep into the canvas just like the real thing. With over 900 brushes and canvas textures to choose from, it’s no surprise Painter is the industry standard for professionals working in fine art, illustration, concept art, photo art, and more. This tutorial is designed to showcase the advanced tools in Painter 2020.   And you can download it free until 30th January 2020 when entering our online competition here