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Painting a night scene by Marie Antoniou

Don’t be put off painting a night scene – Marie Antoniou has some great advice to get you started and to make the bright lights glow.

The Canal du Midi by Ernest Greenwood

Ernest Greenwood takes us through the production of a painting and points out that there is really no easy dividing line between one stage and another.

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On a knife’s edge. Paint a New York street scene with Mike Rollins

Take out your painting knives to create the illusion of a busy, detailed street scene in New York

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Capture the light by Tony Hogan

In the final of three works depicting different light effects throughout the day, Tony Hogan demonstrates how he paints evening light

Masterclass - City scenes in acrylic with Terry McKivragan

Masterclass - Terry McKivragan talks to Oliver Lange about his techniques for using acrylics

How to paint a lively market scene in acrylics with Jenny Aitken

Jenny Aitken demonstrates how to capture the life and colour of a market scene in acrylics

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