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How to paint a snowy landscape in acrylic with Charles Evans

Follow Charles Evans step by step to paint a snow-laden landscape with figures and dogs.

How to paint a badger using liquid acrylics

Discover the benefits of liquid acrylics as you paint a badger's head with Linda Wain.

Spotlight on acrylic – Tony Paul puts Jackson’s Artist Acrylic through its paces

Tony Paul puts Jackson’s Artist Acrylic paints through their paces, demonstrating the use of transparent and opaque colours, and the importance of glazing.

How to mix acrylic paint: a complete guide

Follow this in-depth acrylic colour mixing guide by Jackie Garner to learn colour terms, how to mix acrylic paint and how to mix bright, dull and neutral colours.

Our ultimate guide to acrylics: getting started with acrylic painting

Whether you're new to acrylic painting or want to go back to the basics, let us help you learn how to paint with acrylics with our collection of helpful guides from learning acrylic painting techniques to mixing acrylic paint.

Practising acrylic brush strokes: a step-by-step guide

Practise making a variety of brush marks, acrylic colour mixing and painting an acrylic landscape in this guide to acrylic brush techniques by Jackie Garner.

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