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Bourke street
How to paint a rainy street scene in acrylic

Mike Barr talks about the inspiration of rainy days and offers advice on how to paint a rainy street scene with the correct detail and perspective.

How to paint cast shadows in acrylic: a step-by-step demonstration

Follow this simple demonstration by Jo Quigley to learn how to paint cast shadows in acrylic, along with some advice on why painting shadows is important.

Guide to acrylic painting techniques – how to create detail, texture and interest

Follow this guide to acrylics by Matthew Evans to learn colour-mixing ideas, practise acrylic painting techniques and read a Q&A full of helpful tips for acrylic painting

Types of paint brushes for acrylic - an easy guide

Jackie Garner shares top advice for choosing and using acrylic paint brushes.

An introduction to acrylic painting: types of acrylic paint

Follow Robert Dutton’s introduction to acrylic painting for a close look at types of acrylic paint, along with advice on choosing the best acrylic paint and brushes to achieve your desired finish.

How to use blocking in techniques to paint a landscape with sheep

Jackie Garner shows how to paint and modify flat washes and block in your paintings.

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