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How to Paint a Window Box in Acrylics with Wendy Jelbert

Wendy Jelbert paints a window box in acrylics

How to Paint Urban Scenes at Dusk

Chris Forsey shows how urban scenes at dusk can be truly magical – full of sparkling light and atmosphere, which he paints using heavy body acrylics

Gardens of the imagination

Keith Dunkley explains to Oliver Lange the influences behind his acrylic paintings, which combine ideas and reference material from a number of sources.

Paint a Poppy Field in Acrylics with Tim Fisher

Tim shows how to paint a poppy field in acrylics.

Understanding Acrylics by Raymond Whitehouse

Raymond Whitehouse describes his techniques of using acrylics from preliminary sketches to finished painting.

How to paint a panda in acrylics with Vic Bearcroft

Vic Bearcroft shows how to paint a panda in acrylics.

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