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Loads of skill involved here Yoko. Has worked extremely well with those juicy colours.

Like the experiment

Fab, Yoko!

This painting really caught my eye with its freedom of expression, colour and energy. Great Yoko.

I know what you are trying to achieve and my goodness, this is lively and dynamic.

Thank you so much for all kind feedback. Very much appreciated. Struggling struggling though.

Love your colours Yoko and the looseness of this.

Amazing !

Excellent use of washes to convey the details. Really well done.

Hang on Studio Wall
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I have been trying Direct watercolour ( without pencil under drawing) to push more boundaries, avoid my habit of ‘too much strokes Less effect’

About the Artist
Yoko Archer

My first language is Japanese, my 2nd is my art works and my 3rd is English! I am a self-taught kitchen painter, and feel more exited and happy to express myself by painting and enjoy the way others value me through my art works. Painting might be appreciated as art therapy for me since I jumped…

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