Yes Christine it isVERY addictive. Like this one.. its concept is quite different from mine. It is good to see how other people are using it. I havent found a book of words its very much trial an error.. Not sure how to use layers...? Have you discovered how to use them? Ruth Dolan is also "having a go" though with a different progra,mme. Though I would imagine the basics are just the same.

Very colourful, sounds interesting Christine!

Hi Christine, just found this. Bold and colourful, well composed. The only method of layering I have in my Microsoft Paint programme is to use the spray can icon. I like the ease with which you can compose and erase and recompose.

Lovely painting Christine, I would like to give it a go, sounds really interesting

Thank you so much Sylvia, Carole, Ruth and Petra for your comments. It was all a bit hit and miss at first but I am getting to know how it works and enjoying it a lot. I haven't really got to grips with the layering yet Ruth but will do eventually I hope! Petra you must give it a go I have no doubt you will excel in this medium too! Sylvia, I've posted an answer to your question on your latest painting.

Thanks Christine. I have found it and will do that....S.

Vey good Christine! I can see the addiction creeping amongst those lucky ones who have got an i Pad. Sooner or later I'll buy one too!!!

Thanks for commenting Satu, you must get an iPad, sooner rather than later! You'll soon become addicted too.

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Experimenting with 'Brushes' for iPad. It's very addictive!

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