Printing Experiment - no2

Printing Experiment - no2

Smashing piece Christine, it's always great to experiment and the results are normally good. I have a piece going in on Thursday demonstrating monoprinting which may be of interest to you. (online bonus feature).

Thank you Alan and Dennis. I'll certainly keep a lookout for your piece in the bonus feature Alan

Christine, I don't know why I didn't see this're turning out some lovely prints. The details of his facial expressions are really good.

It works very well Christine!

Lovely subject choice, a lovely impact piece!

Thank you Fiona, Carole, Gudrun and Fiona, there's 'nuffin like a puffin' is there, they are so quirky!

Ah, another one..good design!

This beautifully captures the puffin's expression, Christine. Interested that you used rubber to carve this - is this different to the soft cut lino which is now available (which I believe is also a rubber compound)?

Thank you Jenny. I used a piece of left over Speedball carving rubber that I had previously used for carving stamps. The soft cut Lino has a more vinyl like consistency but cts in a similar way.

Thanks for the info. Christine. From what I recall when looking at the different lino cut options now available, Speedball was extremely expensive compared to the rest, but I might give it a try when I get more proficient! I do find the soft cut lino a bit too 'squidgy' at times.

Hang on Studio Wall

I used carving rubber for this, easier to use than Lino but gives a similar effect

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